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Day 3: feeling great

For those of you who are following along with the 5 day cleanse and started with me on Monday, we are already at midpoint. I just wanted to check in with all of you and share what I have noticed so far.

First of all, knowing that this is ONLY 5 days made starting this one so much easier. Plus I was very ready to clean things up, fresh off 10 days of traveling(airplanes, airports, sitting around more than usual, running around NYC eating more than I usually do, etc) and also very inspired by the integrative health care conference that I went to last week.  

Each morning I have started the day with either licorice spice or ginger tea prior to my workout, then I have rice cakes with hummous for breakfast. Mid morning I snack on either red grapes or an apple. Lunch has been a salad filled with colored peppers(trying to eat a ‘rainbow ‘of colored foods every day), goat cheese, nuts, dried cranberries, mushrooms and a cup of tea. By late afternoon, I reach for something salty usually, like a handful of nuts or falafel chips(chock full of nutrients and even some protein and fiber: these are one of my new favorite snacks, by the way) . For the past 2 nights dinner has consisted of a steamed artichoke, some goat gouda cheese and a grain of sorts. Last night I made some polenta, which was incredibly satisfying and yummy.A quick and wonderful way to make polenta is to take a baking pan and place 1 cup coarse grain polenta, 4 cups of water and  1 tsp of salt( I like pink Himalayan) stir this together and place in preheated oven 350 degrees for 45 minutes; stir in 1-2 Tbsp of butter and bake for another 15 minutes: serve with protein like cheese or chicken and some veggies for a tasty meal. In addition, throughout the day I love to drink an assortment of herbal teas and then of course the elixir(see my posts in January for this recipe): both of these beverages are warming and comforting. 

Let us know how you are feeling and what you are eating throughout the day. Are you finding it easier this time? How is your sleep?mood? And don’t forget to become a fan on Pearl Womens Center Facebook page and enter your name into the drawing for our contest.

More to follow…in the meanwhile, wishing you health and balance in your lives.

My favorite indoor flowers, providing color and inspiration on a dark day

My favorite indoor flowers, providing color and inspiration on a dark day

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Ready, set , go(!) back to cleaner eating

I spent the last week traveling to NYC to attend my third IFM(Institute of Functional Medicine) Integrative Health Care symposium. The focus this year was on how our lifestyle can have a far-reaching effect on our health, particularly what and how we eat, how active we are and how we manage our stress.

What a perfect segue to our next ‘cleanse’! And as always after this type of conference, I walk away with a renewed awareness of and commitment to eating a cleaner, more nutritionally balanced and life-sustaining diet. I will be sharing with you many of the ‘pearls’ that I gleaned from attending this symposium so do stay tuned.

In case you don’t know what functional medicine is, briefly it is a shift in how we view the body. Often in Western medicine, we focus on the symptoms an individual presents with, which usually occur in a constellation of sorts, leading us to a particular diagnosis of pathology or disease. Functional medicine goes beneath the symptoms and tries to understand what mechanisms are ‘broken’ or altered so that the focus of treatment is more on correcting the imbalances and  the changes , and by supporting the various components of the immune system.  One of the main distinctions of functional medicine is a comprehensive evaluation of the individual’s lifestyle and careful attention is aimed at improving this. Studies have shown over and over again that many of the diseases that are prevalent in our western culture are directly linked to poor and inadequate nutrition(whether it be due to overeating of processed foods or simply not getting the correct balance of micro-nutrients).  Chronic stress is linked to the development of cardiovascular disease, cancer, mood disorders, and many others.

Poor diet, chronic stress and lack of exercise are also associated with hormonal imbalances, which we have talked about in many of our previous blog posts.  Whenever I meet with my patients who is obviously struggling with symptoms of hormonal imbalances, I always stress that along with testing and treating the obvious indicators, we will also devote quite a bit of time addressing dietary, activity(or lack thereof!) and life quality factors. Otherwise, hormonal treatment will only work for awhile and soon the patient will be back to square one.

Some of my favorite herbal teas and sweetener

Some of my favorite herbal teas and sweetener

By embarking on a mini-cleanse like this, you are doing your body a favor on so many levels. Remember to eliminate alcohol, caffeine(green tea is okay, as it has so many health benefits), sugar(other than stevia, small amounts of honey/agave or coconut sugar) and whites: pasta, rice, flour and potatoes. I will be on this starting Monday, March 4th , going through Friday March 8th and then I will resume on Monday, March 18th through Friday March 22nd. Please join in for the 10 days of your choice and as always, join in the conversation by posting a comment on the blog or on the Facebook page of Pearl Women’s Center. For more suggestions and information on how to do the cleanse, please refer back to my previous posts.

Eat a wide variety of fruits: the best 'dessert' of all, full of life-sustaining nutrients

Eat a wide variety of fruits: the best ‘dessert’ of all, full of life-sustaining nutrients

Kudos to all of you who are joining me!


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