Health, happiness and hormone balance is easy by the numbers! You’ll love Kyle’s and Candace’s lists of essentials for an easy way to keep your healthy priorities in mind.

Ten Truths About Hormones & Health

1. Hormones in harmony and living in balance is an attainable goal.

2. You may have a hormonal imbalance and not know it – make yourself aware of the symptoms that can start at any age.

3. Menopause doesn’t end your need for hormonal balance – neither does having a hysterectomy.

4. Testing is the only way to know for sure if your hormones are out of balance, and to what extent.

5. Don’t settle for the guess-and-treat approach…it is too important to get it right!

6. Not all hormones are created equal: bioidentical hormones are better!

7. Symptom relief is not the only goal of hormone therapy; it is about optimal health, disease prevention and longevity.

8. You are unique. What’s right for your friend, mother or sister is not necessarily right for you.

9. You can get off the rollercoaster and get your mojo back!

10. Finding, being and staying in balance is a work in progress – take the first step NOW.


2 responses to “Essentials

  1. Robin Brantley

    I’ve been seeing Kyle at Pearl Women’s Center for several years (had my hysterectomy/ovaries removed there by Dr. Rosenfield also). About to turn 49, these people not only saved my life but Kyle put me on a road to hormonal harmony (YES! FINALLY!). The HRT and correct supplements changed EVERYTHING- Bio-identical HRT has been a life saver! I cannot thank Kyle enough for her endless help- AND LOVE THIS BLOG!!! Robin B.

    • Thanks Robin for taking the time to comment. It has been such a pleasure to work with you and to help you back to hormone balance! I feel very blessed to have women like you to work with every day. It truly makes my job meaningful and worthwhile. Please feel free to share your wonderful stories(Robin has a special talent for befriending squirrels and birds: her photos are wonderful). Looking forward to hearing from you again. Thank you for contributing to the conversation and letting other women know that there IS hope.

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