About Candace & Kyle


We started Menopausibilities when we realized the need for the straight talk and practical solutions women want to balance not only their hormones, but their lives.

You can learn more about us, including our professional backgrounds and philosophy of balance, at our website. Our blog gives us a chance to comment on new research and trends, and allows us the chance to answer your questions and get to know you better.

We hope to hear from you via comments on any of our posts, or email us!  

Candace Burch

Candace Burch

Candace Burch has been working in health promotion and disease prevention for over 25 years as a woman’s health advocate and champion of safe natural approaches to menopause management.






Kyle McAvoy

Kyle McAvoy

Kyle Bell McAvoy is a certified women’s health care nurse practitioner with a passion for wellness. She has worked with women of all ages and ethnic backgrounds and enjoys partnering with her patients in reaching their health related goals. She has extensive training and experience working with bio-identical hormone therapy and believes that all women deserve to lead balanced, healthy and fulfilling lives.

4 responses to “About Candace & Kyle

  1. Jill Morton

    Great finally a site that has up to date information and is focused on a healthy tranistion for women. Hopefully will not be too influenced by drug companies and advertisers trying to flog there products.

    • Thanks Jill for your comment and feedback. We pride ourselves on being independent thinkers and are definitely not under the influence of drug companies, we are happy to say. As part of our mission to educate women(and men, for that matter), we are committed to sorting through the information out there and determining what is true, relevant, helpful and consistent with physiology. Along the way, we have had some great partners(compounding pharmacists, research scientists, biochemists, scientific writers, health educators, naturopathic and Chinese medicine providers, other like-minded providers, organic farmers, individuals or companies that produce healthy, sustainable hormone-free products….to name a few!) along the way. We are proud of the company that we keep and we will continue to offer great information to help each of you make the best decision you can in terms of your own health and hormone balance.

  2. Thanks, Kyle. I will be starting tomorrow-one day late-as I need to do a grocery run first. You are an inspiration, as always.

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