A cleanse with a conscience

Day 2: we are 1/5 of the way there! So far, so good. How are you all doing????  Please share any insights and/or challenges you are noticing.

Last night I received a text from my dear friend Mary saying that she was excited to join in with us for the cleanse. In addition, she suggested tying our consciousness cleanse to a spiritual cause. In her words, ‘the money saved on wine for the week could be donated to Mercy Corps for the Phillipines or Syria’.

I love it! For some of us, it will be the wine or happy hour we are giving up, for others it will be chocolate or lattes or whatever is your favorite indulgence. I know many of us have been wondering just how to help all of the unfortunate people in various parts of the world.  Just this past weekend in our own nation we were faced with the devastation caused by the tornadoes in the midwest.

Each of us is touched by different things that we see and hear and I do think Mary’s idea is a terrific one. As we become more conscious about our own consumption of food and beverages, we do become more thoughtful about all of the choices we make each day.  Sometimes we are left feeling so helpless in how we can reach out to others, so if this idea resonates with you, I encourage you to add up how much you are saving during these 10 days(it can be as little as $10 but even that goes a long way when many give in unison) and donate to a cause that means something to you.

A toast to a cleanse that has local and global impact! Thank you Mary for sharing this idea with us(Mary and I have walked together for years, by the way and ideas do fly!).

Mary on one of our morning walks with RIley and Ringo

Mary on one of our morning walks with RIley and Ringo

Kyle walking with RIley (and Mary and Ringo)

Kyle walking with RIley (and Mary and Ringo)


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2 responses to “A cleanse with a conscience

  1. Jennifer

    Thanks goodness for herbal non-caff teas! Boy did i want to binge on leftover halloween candy today at work….and i might have if there had been a butterfingers or reese’s pieces. Thankfully there wasn’t and i closed the bag and walked out and didn’t hang around late. Just observing my patterns and impulsive behaviors….that’s enough just to watch.

    • Thanks Jen for your honesty! It is pretty amazing to stand back and observe our usual often mindless eating patterns! They really add up at the end of the day. I too love the wide variety of teas, so soothing and relaxing. Sitting here this stormy fall evening sipping on a nice hot cup of elixir while listening to some classic Sinatra: doesn’t get much better than that.

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