Exercise is NOT a dirty word(Just ask my Portland to Coast team!)

Fall is coming: get inspired to exercise and feel great!


I love my work. I get to spend time with thousands of women every year in my role as a health care provider and as a result, I meet some amazing individuals. My office is in ‘the Pearl’ in NW Portland, which is an area similar to Soho in NYC:  shops, restaurants, bookstores(Powells Books is the largest bookstore in the U.S.and is a mere 3 blocks from my office), businesses and high density living quarters.  It is a vibrant neighborhood filled with pedestrians, cyclists, dogs on leashes, people hustling back and forth: for work, to shop, or to meet a friend over coffee or happy hour.

I hear many stories everyday and some common threads that emerge are all too often frustration with weight(too much, especially that dreaded ‘muffin top’), stress and feeling tired/overwhelmed. In my role as a provider, I try to elicit details of a person’s diet, stress…

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One response to “Exercise is NOT a dirty word(Just ask my Portland to Coast team!)

  1. Candace Burch

    Well done Kyle and all ye’ well women on the team….keep up the momentum, you are not only increasing your strength and longevity but your health span – that is the number of years in which you remain healthy as you age….And as a fellow walker I have to agree that nothing is more fundamental to balance than walking on your own two feet for miles… highly recommended if you intend to live forever, or at least through the milestones my daughters wedding this weekend…..as chaos descends I will get my 3miles come hell or high water and it will center me ….the essence of true balance.

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