Walking Out :: Finding Balance from the Inside Out

In all kinds of weather…what if the rain should fall…great lyrics to a song going round in my head while on my walk in the pelting rain…(Oregon has had record rains this May) …but was I always so intrepid?…heck no…it was only when I realized that it was all about the gear…that the WEATHERPROOF claim does not equate to WATERPROOF…BIG difference that dictates whether one finishes dry or mostly soaked … now that I’ve got my walking gear madness down I would like to think that no amount of bad weather can deter me from the outdoor exercise routine (minimum 30-45 minutes 6 days a week) I’ve committed to since quitting my athletic club …not just because I wanted to save money but because I realized how stifled I felt working out – inside. Studies tell us that the average person now spends 7-8 hours inside every day (no wonder vitamin D deficiency is considered epidemic)…and studies also tell us that people who get more oxygen circulating in their brains and bodies feel better, look better, have more energy, and are less likely to develop diseases of aging….ok, count me in, I have no wish to age rapidly in mind or body…so when it comes to practicing balance in my own life, I’ve found that me and my hormones work mo’ bettah in sync with the elements, come rain or shine…and ohhh it looks like the sun is actually about to come out!ImageWa

In subsequent posts I will share the brain saving, waist whittling, belly fat blasting, muscle making, mood lifting, skin smoothing, stress subsiding properties of walking in the great outdoors….anyone want to chime in here on how walking has helped you to find balance in your own life?

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  1. I totally concur with you Candace: walking rocks!! I have been an avid walker since my late 30’s, so well over 20 years. I started out as a runner and did a fair share of fun runs over the years, which I loved! But I lived in Dallas TX for 4 summers and running in that blistering heat did not work for me so I switched over to walking. One of the many wonderful things about walking is that your joints are spared: each step you take puts only 50% of your weight on your knees and hips, as opposed to running, which hits your joints up with 100% of your body weight. Plus you burn the same amount of energy per mile so it makes sense to walk, particularly as we age.
    And living in OR makes it VERY easy to get out just about any day of the year, as long as you have the right clothing!! You are looking very stylish in your rainproof gear, my dear!! No excuses…….

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