Ready, set , go(!) back to cleaner eating

I spent the last week traveling to NYC to attend my third IFM(Institute of Functional Medicine) Integrative Health Care symposium. The focus this year was on how our lifestyle can have a far-reaching effect on our health, particularly what and how we eat, how active we are and how we manage our stress.

What a perfect segue to our next ‘cleanse’! And as always after this type of conference, I walk away with a renewed awareness of and commitment to eating a cleaner, more nutritionally balanced and life-sustaining diet. I will be sharing with you many of the ‘pearls’ that I gleaned from attending this symposium so do stay tuned.

In case you don’t know what functional medicine is, briefly it is a shift in how we view the body. Often in Western medicine, we focus on the symptoms an individual presents with, which usually occur in a constellation of sorts, leading us to a particular diagnosis of pathology or disease. Functional medicine goes beneath the symptoms and tries to understand what mechanisms are ‘broken’ or altered so that the focus of treatment is more on correcting the imbalances and  the changes , and by supporting the various components of the immune system.  One of the main distinctions of functional medicine is a comprehensive evaluation of the individual’s lifestyle and careful attention is aimed at improving this. Studies have shown over and over again that many of the diseases that are prevalent in our western culture are directly linked to poor and inadequate nutrition(whether it be due to overeating of processed foods or simply not getting the correct balance of micro-nutrients).  Chronic stress is linked to the development of cardiovascular disease, cancer, mood disorders, and many others.

Poor diet, chronic stress and lack of exercise are also associated with hormonal imbalances, which we have talked about in many of our previous blog posts.  Whenever I meet with my patients who is obviously struggling with symptoms of hormonal imbalances, I always stress that along with testing and treating the obvious indicators, we will also devote quite a bit of time addressing dietary, activity(or lack thereof!) and life quality factors. Otherwise, hormonal treatment will only work for awhile and soon the patient will be back to square one.

Some of my favorite herbal teas and sweetener

Some of my favorite herbal teas and sweetener

By embarking on a mini-cleanse like this, you are doing your body a favor on so many levels. Remember to eliminate alcohol, caffeine(green tea is okay, as it has so many health benefits), sugar(other than stevia, small amounts of honey/agave or coconut sugar) and whites: pasta, rice, flour and potatoes. I will be on this starting Monday, March 4th , going through Friday March 8th and then I will resume on Monday, March 18th through Friday March 22nd. Please join in for the 10 days of your choice and as always, join in the conversation by posting a comment on the blog or on the Facebook page of Pearl Women’s Center. For more suggestions and information on how to do the cleanse, please refer back to my previous posts.

Eat a wide variety of fruits: the best 'dessert' of all, full of life-sustaining nutrients

Eat a wide variety of fruits: the best ‘dessert’ of all, full of life-sustaining nutrients

Kudos to all of you who are joining me!


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2 responses to “Ready, set , go(!) back to cleaner eating

  1. Hi Kyle!

    Since the first cleanse of the year, I’ve really just taken on eating healthier in general as investing in my one precious, gorgeous bod pod and I will join the mini-cleanse! Almost right after the first cleanse, I did a full three-week cleanse with a group here in Mexico and my body loved it! I look forward to doing this cleanse again and soaking up the glow of the ‘pearls’ you have to share, as always 🙂

    Un abrazote and big love,

  2. candacebwell

    Hi Kyle…mini cleansing is a great way to stay healthy, slim and light from within…in fact I just read a great little piece in the NY Sunday Times this past weekend (Mar. 3, 2013) about a medical journalist, Michael Mosley, who has written a best selling diet/cook book that, as the article puts it: ” has sent the British into a fasting frenzy.” It’s called “The Fast Diet: Lose Weight, Stay Healthy, Live Longer” and the premise is that intermittent fasting, or what has become known as the 5:2 die: five days of eating and drinking, dispersed with two days of fasting…typically meaning tow meals of roughly 250 to 300 calories each, depending on whether you are female or male…males eat up to 600 cals,, women 500 each of the two days. The secret according to the book is that after just a few hours of fasting, or mini-cleansing as you all will be joining Kyle in doing for the next few days, tells the body to turn off the fat storing mechanisms and turn on the fat burning switch….Dr. Mosely researched the diet over time puttting himself through the intermittent fasting to slim down and reduce family heart disease risks…his personal results are impressive: not only did he lose 20 pounds in 9 weeks, his glucose and cholestrol levels went down as did his body fat…he says he has a whole new level of energy too since eating this way….So, mini-cleanse ladies..and think of me flying off to China, in approximately 8 hours from now…one of the most polluted countries in the world where I will be giving a lecture on hormonal health and balance…my challenge will be to stay balanced in the midst of jet lag, banquets, lecturing, touring, and trying to maintain a balanced regimen of food, exercise and sleep while I am there…will report back on how well I do to maintain my mind, body and waistline! In any case, if anyone has been to China before and has some pearls of wisdom to share please do! I intend to post from Guangdong province to share what I learn about how Chinese women do the menopause! Stay tuned!

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