Day 2: Checking in

Woke up this morning after a lovely night’s sleep. Last evening I sipped on some Sleepytime Tea while catching up some reading and could barely keep my eyes open by the time I climbed into bed. 

Started today with some Yogi Perfect Energy Vanilla Spice Tea…yum! before heading to the gym. Last night I made some homemade prune “jam”: I learned this little trick from Kim Boyce’s wonderful “Good to the Grain” cookbook: take 1 cup prunes(oh right, the PC name is ‘dried plums’, LOL) and put in saucepan: cover with orange juice(you can also use mango juice): bring to a boil, cover, turn off heat and let sit for 30 minutes. Then puree this mixture in a food processor and store the ‘jam’ in a container in the fridge. This will keep for at least 3-4 weeks, if you can refrain from eating it! It is delicious on whole grain toast with peanut butter or in yogurt…might even try on buckwheat pancakes.

I am loving the way that I feel although admittedly it is hard not to reach into the jar of goodies that I keep in my office(chocolate covered berries/cherries/some mints. Going on this ‘cleanse’ makes me more aware of those unconscious foods that I eat throughout the day and how easily they can add up!!

How are you all doing so far? Off to a great start, so hang in there and let us know what new choices you are making and what you are missing the most. Remember to try new things and please share those with us. I will be posting some fun new recipes that I have and will be trying so stay tuned!!

My favorite indoor flowers, providing color and inspiration on a dark day

My favorite indoor flowers, providing color and inspiration on a dark day



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10 responses to “Day 2: Checking in

  1. Bonnie

    I was very surprised how many food items have sugar listed

    • I agree Bonnie: it is pretty eye-opening, isn’t it? It definitely raises one’s consciousness to read labels of the foods we eat. If you can choose foods that are close to their natural state(not in a box/bag/can), you won’t have to read labels and will know that an apple is an apple and a tomato is just what it looks like! And the food you eat will taste pure, fresh and delicious and your body will notice the difference. You are almost 1/5 of the way there: great job!

      • Absolutely! I tried to find carrot juice that didn’t have at least a dozen ingredients in it, but unless I want to buy a juicer and make it myself, I think I’m sore outta luck! I do think I’ll invest in a food processor though, because while I’ve been able to make salad dressings, hummus, and ice cream in my blender, it would be much quicker and more effective in a food processor.

  2. Andrea Mehigan

    Love the prune recipe, thanks Kyle! Today I reached for dried fruit and nuts when I craved something sweet at work and everyone around me was snacking on candy. I love dates too, they are a great snack. When Kelly was home at the holidays she made miso soup which is an easy healthy lunch. You just buy miso paste from Whole Foods or New Seasons and mix some with water and add some veggies and tofu. It’s delicious with sweet potato and some kale, green onions and mushrooms!

    • Those are wonderful suggestions Andrea. Thank you! I am sipping some chicken broth right now before lunch as a nice alternative to coffee: warms me up and is so satisfying. One of my patients yesterday commented on doing the cleanse back in October: said it was fun knowing a bunch of people are doing it together, kind of like running a 5 K. I thought that was a perfect analogy.

  3. Hey Kyle!

    Thanks for sharing! Your posts are motivating and it’s wonderful to have this community that is taking part in this together.

    I have been following the cleanse and my body is responding positively! One of my favorite non-caffienated teas is Tension Tamer (I can’t remember the brand). I usually have a cup at bedtime and it helps me sleep well!

    In Mexico, it’s not too difficult to eat healthily as long as I cook for myself. I don’t go out to eat too often, so that’s a plus. I went to the grocery store on Sunday and stocked up with beans, veggies, and fruit to make sure I was well prepared. Then I spent most of the afternoon cooking and chopping and disinfecting food. The disinfecting of vegetables in particular is time consuming, but the more I do it the better I’ll become, and it’s totally worth it for my health. There are some items that I haven’t been able to find, such as tahini, kale, watercress, unsalted cashews (mostly everything here has salt or sugar. I’m not kidding!) and various types of beans, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised with what I do find when I simply spend a little more time looking, translating, and asking! I’ve found chard (who knew!), leeks, Brussels sprouts (although they are outrageously expensive!) rice vinegar, and other unexpected goodies. I make it work with what I can find and within my budget. So far, so good!

    Look forward to reading your next post! Take care, be well 🙂
    Love, Maggie

    • Maggie, you sound so motivated and obviously have different obstacles than those of us who have Whole Foods or New Seasons just down the street. We Portlanders are soooo spoiled by the wealth of healthy options available to us, which makes taking this on a bit easier. Today I have felt a bit hungrier but I had some chicken broth 30 minutes before lunch, which consisted of some stewed tomatoes, parmesan cheese, whole grain crackers and a banana. Breakfast was some high protein yogurt with red grapes and a clementine. And tea tea and more tea! Thankfully I have always loved tea and this has been a good opportunity to try some new ones.
      Please share some of those recipes with us and keep in touch. Vaya con dios.

  4. candacebwell

    I usually have one coffee in the morning and a couple cups of black tea with milk and am finding to my surprise that I am more hooked on caffeine than I thought …so for the last couple days I have been following the advice in Marcelle Pick’s book, Tired and Wired:”to detox from caffeine, consider giving up your coffee, tea, or caffeinated sodas a little at a time, rather than quitting cold turkey…If you’re a coffee drinker, start the day with your regular cup of coffee, but on your next cup, try half-caf, half-decaf; on the second day go for the half and half blend in the morning, and on the third day switch over entirely to decaf, or Much better still, herbal teas.” I have been weaning off in this way and now this third morning am already off the coffee, even decaf, (which does have some caffeine in it, so is not a big improvement over full caffeinated coffee and in any case does not belong on a detox diet) and switched over happily to herbal teas. Very important if you have a caffeine habit to drink a BIG glass of pure water or herbal teas first thing in the morning. A slice of lemon or lime in the water makes it taste great and is alkanalizing, thus anti-inflammatory (drinking water throughout the day is paramount to flush out the toxins). When it comes to herbal teas there is of course an abundance to choose from: I love Bengal Spice with a cardamon pod in the brew, the spicy orange flavor of Good Earth tea …my little sister gave me a glass tea making thermos from Teavana this Christmas with a fragrant mix of “Youthberry” tea leaves….I thoroughly expect to be feeling more youthful soon! During my break up with Starbucks, I’ve found that the worst of the expected caffeine withdrawal symptoms – headache, sluggishness, irritability – peaked within 3 days and then VANISHED…thank Gawd!

    • Agreed Candace: going cold turkey off of caffeine is miserable! Years ago I worked as a cook in a restaurant and drank coffee all day long. When I tried to give it up all at once, I felt as though I had a weight inside my head that pressed against my temples and my forehead and every time I moved my head, the pain was unbearable: even Advil didn’t take it away!
      Thankfully I have weaned myself off of caffeine for the most part these past few months(that October cleanse did have that longlasting effect on me! only the occasional cup in the afternoon as a pick-me-up…and I still love Earl Grey tea, particularly the one with double bergamot, which by the way helps to lower cholesterol!).
      Today is day #4 and I think this is the best I have felt in awhile. My sleep has been restful and deep, I awaken easily and I have felt less hungry. I hope that those of you who are still on the 10 day course are hanging in there and noticing some benefits as well. Between Candace and me, I think the tea industry is doing quite well!!

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