Last minute shopping and ‘to do list’

Okay everyone, tomorrow is the big day for those of you who are joining us on our second ‘consciousness cleanse’ so here are some tips and suggestions to make it more enjoyable, beneficial and to help you measure your own progress and results.

1. Load up on fresh veggies, fruits, whole grains: bread/crackers/pasta/brown rice/quinoa and whatever else that intrigues you. Here are a few examples of the things that I tend to eat, but trust me, there are endless choices of all of these!

Some of my favorite produce choices

Some of my favorite produce choices

Some of my 'go-to' whole grains

Some of my ‘go-to’ whole grains

2. Stock up on a variety of healthy protein choices: beans, hummus, yogurt(high protein, no sugar), nuts, eggs, cheeses, tofu, tempeh, meats(hormone and antibiotic free whenever possible), chicken(free range organic is preferable), nut butters(without sugar, of course). These are all loaded with amino acids which are essential for brain health and mood stabilization, as well as for sustained energy and maintenance of muscles and bodily tissues.

Examples of easy, healthy protein sources

Examples of easy, healthy protein sources

3. Have an assortment of beverages that you can choose from: herbal teas(see my post from yesterday), juices, kombucha, sparkling water and cider and for those of you who will be weaning slowly off of caffeine, decaf coffee and black teas.  In lieu of ‘cocktail hour’, try drinking a ‘VIrgin Mary and reap the benefits of the vegetable juices while savoring the taste of your drink or try sparkling water with a slice of lemon or orange.

4. Be sure to get in some physical exercise each day. Walking is great plus whatever else you enjoy. Drink plenty of water as well throughout the day.

5. If you are already taking a multivitamin, continue to do so. Other things to take: drink some Yogi De Tox tea, 1-2 cups /day, if it is available to you. Take Ashwaganda and Milk thistle: good for adrenal and liver support. We will make more suggestions later on.

5. Take some baseline measurements of your physical self, as well as some of the indicators that measure how well you sleep, your mood, energy level etc.

Today, weigh yourself, measure your waist at the smallest point, again around the umbilicus, your hips and thighs at their widest point: write these down in a place that you can easily locate in 11 days.

Also write down the answers to these questions: what time do you go to bed, awaken, how many times do you awaken throughout the night, are you rested upon arising, is it hard to fall asleep? What is your energy level like throughout the day: when are your peaks and valleys, how is your energy affected by eating/work/exercise/stress? What are your elimination patterns like: easy, diarrhea, constipation, bloating, gassy? What is your mood like throughout the day: anxious, depressed, irritable, happy, content, variable? Be sure to write all of this down as well!

On day 11, I will ask you to remeasure and re-answer those questions so that you can get a more objective assessment of how your body responds to cleaner, more conscious eating.

Okay, bon appetit to all.  We look forward to hearing your comments and we will keep you posted as well on our progress throughout the next 10 days.



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18 responses to “Last minute shopping and ‘to do list’

  1. Hi Kyle!

    I decided to do the cleanse and I’m really looking forward to it! I’ve spent the afternoon grocery shopping and cooking soups, and I look forward to your posts! Wishing everyone health and happiness on the cleanse!


    • Maggie: so glad you decided to join with us! I am sure your food choices are quite different than ours, since you are living in Mexico, but hopefully you have plenty of fresh produce to choose from. Keep us posted on your progress and buena suerte, Margarita.

  2. Andrea Mehigan

    Thanks Kyle! I will start the cleanse today and like last time, the weaning off caffeine will be the biggest challenge! Thanks for all the great suggestions. XO Andrea

  3. Kim Hartman

    Kyle I’m in-again. Last time I tried a week later than you did and I didn’t make it all 10 days. I’m going for it this time.

  4. candacebwell

    I applaud you Kyle for giving everyone all the essential information and motivation needed to get going on the cleanse …It definitely takes some careful preparation, so all the information from which foods to have on hand, to Happy Hour alternatives are going to come in handy especially in the first few days which are in my experience, always the hardest…after day 3 you’ll be cruising… I have personally done many detox cleanses/fasts over the years, and if there is anything I’ve learned it is that how you begin and END the cleanse is crucial to feeling good and reaping the full benefits…..I will post towards the end of the 10-days to share more on what I’ve learned about coming off a cleanse properly. Meanwhile, I’m on board albeit following a bit stricter version of the cleanse for a few days then seguewaying into a juice fast that my husband and I do annually this time of year….definitely not for everyone! I do recommend following the type of cleanse Kyle has laid out for us as the best, safest way to get into the ritual of cleansing mind and body from time to time. Important too, as Kyle mentions, to get the measure of your moods, memory, sleeping habits, cravings and waistline measurement prior to the start of the cleanse so that you can track your progress….Ready, steady, GO!

    • Thanks Candace for summarizing how important it is to ease in and out of a cleanse. The nice thing about this one(which is more of a detox/lifestyle change) is that once you have mastered the changes for 10 days, the desire to eliminate and /or reduce these substances lingers on so the effects are longlasting. Good luck with your super cleanse!

  5. maggiekpalmer

    So far so good! I made a lovely juice this morning and have been hitting the water hard 🙂 About to go out and run 2 miles to keep my mind off of coffee 🙂 Good luck and best wishes to everyone! Cheers to our health!

    • Go get ’em Maggie! Great choice on the exercise substitution. Licorice extract(if you don’t have high blood pressure) is a natural and healthy way to boost your energy and your adrenals. I also like L-tyrosine, which is an amino acid. Take 500 mg at lunch time to help your thyroid and adrenals: it naturally increases your dopamine, epinephrine, L-dopa and norepinephrine and helps you deal with stress . You will make it!

  6. Ok Kyle… I will stick with it! You are a great role model

    • Chris: so happy to have you along. Do stick with it and be sure to do the mini-assessment that I posted yesterday so you can easily compare how you felt before and after. Tea time anyone(instead of happy hour….)

  7. Candace Burch

    GREEN tea time…especially the Japanese Genmaicha variety (Sei Mee Tea), a ground green tea & toasted brown rice, in a powder you add hot water to…sip slowly, savor…mmmmm

    • I agree wholeheartedly. That tea has such earthiness that when you drink it, you just know you are giving your body a gift. Sitting here sipping on some Sleepytime tea end of day 1 feeling very peaceful. Good night sleep tight to all.

  8. Kim Hartman

    Beginning day five. Down 3 pounds (of the 7 I gained during the Holidays) so I’m feeling great! Struggling with eliminating caffeine cold turkey, but forcing myself to deal with it. (My son quit smoking cold turkey after 6 years of chain smoking. If he can continue to do that-I can quit the caffeine!). Happy Friday Ladies!

    • Kim, you must be so proud that you have made it this far, as I know last time wasn’t as easy. I love your resolve and happy that you have already noticed some changes in your body and how you feel. Eliminating caffeine does seem to be the most difficult for most of us: try the “Golden Elixir” recipe that I just posted and when you are really dragging, take 500 mg of L-tyrosine: this amino acid boosts your adrenals and your thyroid and is very energizine in a healthy way. You are halfway there(almost).

  9. Kim Hartman

    Made it through the weekend with no wine! WOOHOO! Substituted the Wine with Kambucha-My new favorite “special” beverage treat. The Cherry Chia seed Kambucha was the topic of discussion at a dinner party Saturday night! So good, and so weird. I need to find some L-Tyrosine today, but I’m so happy I’ve made it 7 days already with no caffeine.

    • Great job Kim! Kambucha is wonderful. I started making my own about a year ago, which saves a lot of money and I can make any flavor I want(Earl Grey, Mango, Berry). I have been drinking a ton of that ‘golden elixir’: really warms me up, gives me energy and boosts my immune system/supports my liver and adrenals. This has been a wonderful 8 days and I couldn’t have better company on this little journey than all of you. Thanks so much for making this so easy!

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