Day 5 of our ‘consciousness cleanse’: almost halfway there!

Checking in with all of you who have joined us on this 10 day mini-journey towards optimal eating and drinking: how is it going so far? I am sure it has had some challenges along the way, as breaking old habits can be really hard. I love to sit down with a lovely full-bodied glass of red wine after a long day at work so during these last few days, I learned to shift and focus instead on the incredible variety of teas I could brew up and savor.
For others, I have heard that cutting out sugar was the most difficult and required some pretty strong ‘won’t power’. Caffeine for some was the most challenging so perhaps not something to be eliminated this time…or maybe this is a time to simply cut down on the daily dose. Remember, this cleanse is for you and you need to make it work for your life and routine.
All in all, I have loved how I have felt each day: I have noticed that my sleep has been deep, restful and free of night sweats. Although I have been on BHRT for almost 12 years and usually symptom-free, after several glasses of wine in the evening, I often toss and turn and wake up throughout the night with mild night sweats(alcohol consumption is definitely linked to increased hot flashes and night sweats, so that is something you should be aware of). I have awakened each morning with an abundance of energy and mental clarity and I have found that I am not getting drowsy soon after lunch. You may remember that I am one of those ‘nuts’ who awaken at 4:30 weekdays so that I can get my workout in before heading off to work. Often a post- lunch siesta sounds very tempting. These past few days I have not felt the urge to crawl up into a little ball and catch a few zzzz’s after lunch so that has been a noticeable change for me.

I have also enjoyed the renewed focus on the foods I have been buying and preparing for my meals. On day one, I made a spicy and hearty pumpkin soup as well as a loaf of whole grain bread, served alongside a fresh green salad. I was inspired to make pumpkin soup in the spirit of Halloween and also because I know how many health benefits pumpkin has:  it is low in fat and calories , high in fiber(important to lower blood glucose and cholesterol, as well as important for smooth digestion), high in carotenes(anti-oxidants), which are crucial for our vision and our skin, plus it has critical nutrients such as vitamins C and E, and the minerals magnesium , potassium and iron. Often we add health-promoting spices to pumpkin recipes such as cinnamon , curry and cumin, which will further enhance pumpkin’s benefits.

Day one: Sunday dinner: yummy nutrient-full pumpkin soup and hearty organic whole grain bread plus green salad

The bread recipe came from Mark Bittman’s Food Matters Cookbook. It was so simple that it inspired me to make bread, something I did all the time years ago. It took me less than 3 minutes to toss the ingredients together. Next I let the dough rise for 2 hours, added some cooked millet, formed the loaf, let it rise again and cooked it for 40 minutes. There is nothing like a the fragrance and taste of a freshly baked loaf of whole grain bread to complete the meal…and it cost less than a dollar to make. In addition,  I was confident that the ingredients were organic as well as rich in nutrients.

As I have shared with you before, women come to me with a litany of complaints, frustrations and symptoms that are related to hormonal imbalance.  After testing has been reviewed and I have created a comprehensive ‘personal balance plan’, I always remind them that lifestyle changes are also a critical component in achieving and maintaining hormonal and health balance. That is why taking the time to pay attention to how you nourish your body each day is so pivotal to your overall health. The effects are longlasting and far-reaching. As my friend Molly said to me, we are on the 90 year plan so we have to realize that what we put into our body today has an incredible effect on our longevity as well as the quality of our life.

Hormonal balance depends on the entire package: testing, treating with appropriate hormones and supplements, eating nutritiously, regular exercise, stress management, maintaining nourishing relationships, pursuing the things that you love, spiritual practice  and the support of your personal village. 

I am looking forward to your comments on how you are doing. Let me know if you would like me to share the recipes I used for pumpkin soup and whole grain bread and I will post them on the blog.

Congratulations for making it this far and for keeping me company. Thank you.

A moment of balance , halfway up Saddle Mountain in the Oregon Coastal Range


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6 responses to “Day 5 of our ‘consciousness cleanse’: almost halfway there!

  1. Shelli

    Yes please, recipes!

    • Shelli: thank your for your request. I will post those 2 recipes very soon, I promise!! Are you doing the cleanse with us by chance?

    • Joy, that is absolutely fabulous that you have come this far and have already felt this empowered. It does feel good to set a small, realistic goal and know that you CAN do it!!You must be very proud of yourself and rightfully so….)))). And now you are a blogger, imagine that! Candace and I are new to the blogging world ourselves and it has opened up an entire new world of information, communication and connection. It is not as scary as it was a year ago when we held our noses, closed our eyes and jumped in.
      And yes I agree with your comment about ‘so many strong women with dedication to optimal health’: count yourself among those women, Joy, for you clearly are one.
      I will post those recipes within the next 2 days. The pumpkin recipe I have is for soup but I am certain that I can find a yummy one for bread. I would love to see some photos of your organic garden and pumpkins. If you would like to e-mail them to me, go ahead and send them to and I will post them for you.
      It is so good to hear from you and thank you for taking the time to share your progress with us. See you at the finish line…which may in fact be a new beginning line. Hmmmmm……

  2. jmeskel6875

    Dear Kyle! Well I can honestly say that this cleanse has not been as difficult as I imagined it would be. I can’t remember the last time that I went without wine for 5 days in a row. That is the hardest so far. Could you share some of your favorite teas and where you find them. Also, would love that pumpkin bread recipe. We have huge lovely pumpkins from our organic backyard garden and one of them is ready for bread. My head is beginning to clear, but it has been a slow process. I am anticipating to feel the true benefits during the last 5 days now that my body is clear of the wine and sugar. I do so appreciate that you are sharing this journey on your blog! It is exactly what I needed to do and its feels so wonderful that I am actually doing it. I also have enjoyed reading the other comments- so many strong women with dedication to optimal health! Thank you from Joy

  3. Andrea Mehigan

    Thanks for a great mid-cleanse report Kyle! Would love the recipe for the pumpkin soup and whole grain bread.
    I have had a relatively easy time giving up the four items. I’m drinking a lot of herbal teas too. It was tough coming off the caffeine at first but now it feels great to have it out of my system. I still am doing my 3 am wake up but am able to fall back asleep more quickly.
    And yesterday, I put on a pair of pants that I have not worn in many months because they have been too tight around my belly, and they fit great! I wasn’t expecting that nice benefit from the cleanse! It’s empowering to know that I can control the food choices I make!

    • Thank you for sharing your progress with us. I know, it has been a lot easier than I thought it would be as well and as I said before, the benefits just keep coming(better sleep, more energy, clearer thinking, lack of cravings, looser clothes: wow!) and helps to spark the motivation. I am posting the menus today in a post: enjoy!

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