On the eve of my(OUR) autumn cleanse

I promised I would get back to you before I start my 10 day mini-cleanse ,so here goes. Nothing like the last minute! But I am sure you can all relate to that…..
Quick update: a bunch of you have decided to join me on this and I am so excited to have company. I am delighted to know that we are doing this together and will serve to support one another. At last tally, these are the women who have ‘signed on’: Candace(my MP partner/friend), Molly(my niece/friend), Andrea and Melinda(2 of my PTC teammates and friends), Anita(good friend and bookclub member), Candace and Joy(2 patients of mine) plus me, which makes 8 of us. A few more have mentioned joining in at some point, which is just great.

There is something very empowering about taking the time to be conscious about the way we eat and drink. We all start off each day with the best of intentions but often something comes up that knocks us off course: a co-worker’s birthday cake, a fun happy hour, a book club meeting, a wedding, a wine tasting: like all of you, there is always something on the horizon. But by taking the time to carve out 10 days to be aware and make new and better choices, new habits take hold and old habits are easier to shed.
So here goes! Last weekend I was back in Austin, TX visiting my husband and wandered around the largest Whole Foods Market in the nation and snapped a bunch of photos to emphasize the kinds of foods I will be including these next 10 days. After all, this is not just about eliminating things, but also about focusing on foods that will nourish us and bring us optimal health.

Organic fruits

Whole grains galore!

Beautiful colorful vegetables

Endless choices of legumes(great source of protein and neurotransmitter support)

So as you can see, this is going to be a fun 10 days, full of opportunities to try new foods and combinations. I will share some of my favorite new and old recipes with you and I invite you to do the same. I am always looking for new ways to enjoy foods and I particularly love to ‘make things from scratch’. Today I took a class with my wonderful niece Molly on how to make mozzarella. Wow…I can honestly say I reallly am a novice on how to convert milk to cheese   Our teacher started with raw milk on the stove and taught us the ins and outs of creating a lovely, delicious and soft mozzarella cheese. We were able to plunge our hands into the pots of hot curds and create balls of tasty cheese….then we served it with organic tomatoes, garlic, olive oil and fresh basil. It was a perfect send-off to tomorrow and a reminder of how simple foods can be so wonderful.

So often we rush through our meals and their preparation.This was another lesson in the mindfulness of where our food comes from and how to take time to appreciate that and enjoy the entire process. Here is a photo of 2 proud new cheese makers:

Kyle and Molly stretching mozzarella(and themselves)

As you can see, it was a lot of fun and I hope to be able to repeat the process on my own someday soon.

So much to talk about…we will be in touch throughout these next 10 days. Feel free to share YOUR experiences with us . We so appreciate hearing from you …the stories we have to share are endless and yours are important to us.

Bon appétit!



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8 responses to “On the eve of my(OUR) autumn cleanse

  1. jmeskel6875

    Thank you for the motivational message last night. I ran right out the door to Whole Foods and picked up some healthy choices. I made a big crockpot of soup lots of fresh vegetables and a little bit of extra lean ground beef. I made it through the day with no caffeine. Is de-caffinated ok? And I tried Stevia in my greek yogurt and peaches smoothie- so delicious! On to Day #2.

    • That is so great! I am very proud of you. Decaf still has a little bit of caffeine but it is a wonderful way to gradually decrease your dependency on caffeine. I am drinking tons of lemon-ginger tea, as well as mint, rooibos, chamomile, licorice…the sky is really the limit when it comes to teas. Even though green tea contains some caffeine, the health benefits are so amazing ; it might also be a nice alternative. Last night I made some dense whole grain bread and pumpkin soup, plus a green salad with avocadoes, mushrooms, whole grain croutons(homemade: super easy!), and a pear vinaigrette: yum! I am not missing much yet, not with this kind of whole food living. How are the rest of you all doing?
      By the way, we have 4 more who joined us: Molly and Mary , dear friends, and Jamal and Prakash, who are supporting their partners, while doing themselves a terrific favor.

  2. Molly Guidette

    Today is day number one for me! Sitting here with my yerba mate (cutting out coffee, still drinking tea), excited for the next ten days of mindful, conscious, nourishing choices. Starting a new yoga class today as well. This weekend I made my first three batches of kombucha, as well as a delicious pumpkin molasses pie with pumpkin from our garden and honey from a friend’s bees. The gluten-free crust came out perfectly, but it does have sugar and white rice flour, so it was my farewell treat. This is a perfect time to cleanse–the markets and gardens are full of healthy, vibrant produce, and turning inward, I choose to take this the opportunity to reflect and rejuvenate.

    • Molly, you are the lesson indeed, taking the time to reflect on what you are putting into your body while also making nourishing and yummy foods for you and your loved ones. Best of luck on your kombucha. Let me know how it turns out. I have been combing my plethora of cookbooks looking for some baked good recipes without sugar: wow, not much out there(even in my “natural cookbooks”)! I did find a few that sounded good containing some honey and molasses, so those are possible options. I seem to remember recipes that used applesauce as well. If any of you have any favorite recipes that you would like to share, please do. I will post several this week as well. Remember this cleanse has so many purposes. I think of this time as more of a ‘consciousness cleanse’, that will lead to bigger and greater discoveries.
      Happy Eating!!

  3. Candace Burch

    I’ve been starting off each day with half a fresh lemon squeezed into a tall glass of water….this, instead of caffeine makes me feel awake and alerted to the importance of pure cleansing, or alkalinizing my inner lymph, in other words, clearing out the sludge. I follow with a toasted slice of gluten-free rice bread (Food for Life) with a skim of real pumpkin butter…Scrumpalicious. Otherwise, eating as I usually do but doubling up on the fibrous fruits and vegetables, and when it comes to the greens, going with crucifers in particular for hormone balancing while I’m at it. Emphasis for me is to cleanse and flush and purify from the inside out, so I am drinking TONS of water…at least 96 ounces…trying to get it all in by 4ish so I don’t have to get up in the night!

    • Your day sounds wonderful and you are so smart to start out with fresh lemon, which is so good for your liver. I am impressed at the volume of water you are drinking: wow! I usually consume 6+ cups of herbal tea per day plus 2 liters of water so I guess that comes pretty close. Plus by not drinking coffee and wine, I am staying more hydrated. I have had several comments on how great my skin looks(and feels, by the way) with all of this extra hydration.
      So this is day 3 and I for one am feeling great. I wake up and my brain is clear, after having had a deep and restful sleep. There are so many benefits to this ‘consciousness’ cleanse and we would love to hear what you all are experiencing.
      In many ways, this is similar to how women(and men) feel after getting their hormones re-balanced: so many improvements, often in unexpected ways….again, we often slide slowly into that ‘new normal’ that we don’t know how poorly we actually feel until we experience the energy and vitality of our new balanced state. This just re-emphasizes how a few small changes can have an incredibly large impact on the quality of our lives. Great job everyone!

  4. Chris Guidette

    Congratulations on your epic(curian) health program Kyle and Molly. Buon appetito e sana vita! Wow … 96 ounces of water?

    • Thanks Chris for your support..this has been a very fun way to make some small but significant changes in my life and I know that having this mini-team has helped everyone along. Bonne sante to you and your family!

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