We will miss you Nora Ephron

Nora Ephron died this week at 71. She wrote and directed many of my(and probably yours) favorite movies within the last 25 years: such classics as “When Harry Met Sally”(who can forget the scene in the cafe????), “Sleepless in Seattle”(top 5 movies for my daughter Julia and me…we cry every time they meet on the top of the Empire State building!!), and Julie and Julia, amongst others. She captured the dialogue between women and men with such humor and nuance, she made us laugh, she made us cry. Her voice, her wit will be greatly missed.
I listened to a wonderful interview yesterday with her recorded on the NPR program, Fresh Air, from 2006. I have posted the link here and I would like to share 2 of my favorite lines from this interview, which I believe sum up her wit and how she captures the essence of growing into mature adults:
“I take so many pills in the morning, it is a miracle that I have room for breakfast.”
When asked what her next 20 years might be like, she replied(and I paraphrase): “I think about today..and today I have been to a bakery. We live in a time when we have the best bread in the history of the world. I am going to eat that bread::”
Thank you Nora for all that you gave to us . We will miss you.

A laugh a minute, on screen and in life: an interview with Nora Ephron



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2 responses to “We will miss you Nora Ephron

  1. Candace Burch

    The woman was an ironic, a female Woody Allen …. the humor of life ran in her veins and though she was no champion of aging her laugh lines far outweighed the lines on her face that she so abhored….(must read “I Feel Bad About My Neck”)….but even when she was younger she was cultivating the comedy required to get through aging as evidenced in the famous scene in When Harry Met Sally, where Meg Ryan fakes an orgasm in the middle of a restaurant and the gray-haired gal in the next booth turns to the waitress and says “I’ll have whatever she’s having.” Is that not the funniest nod to lost libido you ever heard? Getting older has its challenges and it’s wisdom too, though Nora would disagree with me there: “How can you have wisdom,” she said on a Charlie Rose segment a couple years before she died, “when you can’t even think anymore??” And while I was still laughing she added, “all that time to read? what good is it when you can’t see anything?”) HAHAHAHA…..aging can be funny as hell!

  2. Isn’t that true! I hadn’t heard the one about ‘how do have wisdom when you can’t think anymore’! She was truly a classic.. a very personal connection to her was from ‘When Harry Met Sally’. My husband proposed to me in a little jazz piano bar in San Francisco and he had the piano player play ‘It Had to Be You’ as he proposed. Her work touches the heart, for sure!
    Thanks for the memories!

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