Fun quotes about getting(gulp) older

July is quickly approaching and that can only mean one thing: Candace and I each get to celebrate another birthday, the marking of another year. Although age seems more arbitrary all the time(funny how that happens with each passing decade! 60 is the new 40, or is that 30???), there is a certain wisdom and sense of urgency simultaneously that 1. yes in fact we are getting older(Paul McCartney, that major heart throb of yore, celebrated his 70th today: wow is all that I can say about that!!) and 2. the time is NOW to get things accomplished, to make a difference.
So before I share some of my favorite quotes from a book given to me by one of my favorite people(that would be Candace, who gave me a little gem of a book last year: It takes a long time to become YOUNG: words to grow young by(Richard Kehl), I wanted to remind all of you of how important it is to make a conscious decision about your own plan to grow older gracefully. Getting your hormones and life in balance are critical aspects of this process and our goal is to make this blog an important ally on your journey. Stay tuned: we are revitalizing and recommitting ourselves to our blog and our message!
Here are a few of my favorite quotes…more to follow in future blogposts:
‘The great thing about getting older is that you don’t lose all the other ages you’ve been'(Madeline L’Engle);
Just remember, once you’re over the hill, you begin to pick up speed'(Charles Schultz)
‘You are younger today than you ever will be again. Make use of it for the sake of tomorrow.'(Anonymous)
‘To me, old age is always fifteen years older than I am'(Barnard M. Baruch)
To that I say, AMEN!! Back again soon with more important information and updates about what we are up to: exciting things are definitely on the horizon.



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6 responses to “Fun quotes about getting(gulp) older

  1. Jennifer

    Updates!! Just wanted to pass on that my insurance plan –Health Net –actually authorized my bioidentical which have to be made at a compounding pharmacy (cheers for pacific compounds) for a year. I’m still in shock but excited to see them making good changes for women’s health (we’ll see what that tier 3 copay looks like ;-))

    • Jennifer

      PS–You posted this on my 50th birthday and I appreciate the support you give in helping me age gracefully!

      • Happy 50th to a beautiful(inside and out) woman. It has been a pleasure getting to work with you. Your next 40+ years will be that much more wonderful thanks to the time you are taking to rediscover your place of balance. Happy birthday Jennifer!!

    • Congrats to you Jennifer on pushing for what is right. For far too long, health care consumers in the U.S. have been “held hostage” by the pharmaceutical companies and their exclusive contracts with insurance plans. Each step like the one you have taken moves all of us closer to the health care that we need, want and deserve. Compounded bio-identical hormones are less expensive than most of the ones manufactured by large pharmaceutical so it just makes sense that they should be included in our health care coverage. Thank you for taking the time to take this on and to share this with all of us. This should inspire all of us to try to push the hand of our own insurance plans. After all, ‘the squeaky wheel gets the oil’. This is how change occurs, step by step. Kudos to you!!

  2. Candace Burch

    You don’t ask you don’t get! Kudos to Jennifer for stepping up and asking for bioidenticals – she just lowered her risk for breast cancer, not to mention joins the ranks of woman who have have switched from synthetic to authentic hormones to relieve the symptoms and imbalances of menopause. I too managed to persuade my insurance company, Kaiser- Permanente, to cover my bioidentical estrogen patch – a 3 months supply costs me $30, such a deal! When I first asked my KP physician for a bioidentical prescription she looked at me warily, like I was some kind of wild-eyed woman ….but I reminded her of the WHI (Women’s Health Initiative) findings on HRT – that it is DANGEROUS, that it was in fact found to be causing all the diseases it was supposedly (according to BIG-pharma) protecting us against (heart disease, blood clots, stroke and breast cancer)! I informed her that I am a health educator and advocate of natural approaches to menopause and INSISTED on an RX for Bioidenticals. She listened, didn’t argue (well she didn’t have a leg to stand on really) and wrote out a scrip….then she even complimented me on looking good for my age…I thanked her and said that I’ve been using bioidenticals for 15 years now which might have something to do with it…she smiled and said “Hmmmm, I might look into it myself! Touche!

    • I hit menopause myself at 47, which was 11 years ago. I have been on bio-identical hormones ever since and I can honestly say, I have never felt better or more balanced. Of course everyone has “their days” but in general, I have energy to spare, my brain works well(most of the time!!) and like Candace, people often think I am much younger than my almost 59 years. I have to admit, I certainly don’t feel like I have lived almost 6 decades: YIKES!!
      Getting back to BRHT and insurance coverage or lack thereof though: I was reimbursed at first through Medco for several years but then CIGNA changed their minds. I tried quite a few times to get them to cover them, but alas, I wasn’t successful. However, the cost of BHRT through a compounding pharmacy is significantly less expensive than the synthetic ones: I am currently on a combination of Biest, Progesterone and Testosterone and it costs me approx $85 for a 2 month supply of all of these. I consider that a bargain for all of the far-reaching benefits I get: brain, bone, skin, heart and colon protection. And by having balanced hormones, my risk of breast cancer, diabetes and other inflammatory conditions is greatly reduced.
      I always encourage my patients to try to get their prescriptions covered by insurance. If that fails, the next best thing to do if you have one is to set up a Health Savings or Flexible Spending Account through your employer. These are pretax dollar accounts so at least you get a nice discount based on your tax bracket.
      Please let us know what you have encountered on YOUR journey to hormone balance and share with us your personal strategies to help move this conversation forward.

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