Report from Austin, TX: notes on the road

I dropped in for a quick visit to Austin this past weekend(my husband Joe is working from there for now so we are turning this into an adventure…)and I want to report that this is ONE FIT CITY!! Barely 100 feet from the front door of his apartment complex is a beautiful pedestrian bridge, complete with wood inlaid railings, that drops you into an incredible matrix of walking, jogging and cycling trails. I headed out on a January morning, the weather a balmy 60 degrees(Nirvana to a Portland girl like me). And although Joe had given me basic instructions for the 3.1 mile loop, I promptly got lost trying to navigate between the many choices in front of me. I ended up walking at least 5 miles but I was in good company. There were hundreds of Austinites walking, jogging, sprinting, biking, young mothers pushing massive strollers, others with panting dogs in tow~a wonderful sight indeed.

Austin activity on a January morning

The trails meander along the lovely and serene Colorado River, known fondly as Lady Bird Lake by those in the know. And this lake is full of life! I saw great blue herons, graceful white swans, swooping cormorants, ducks, birds I’d never seen before, fishermen, kayakers, canoers, crewteams and paddleboarders. I was inspired by the energy and the level of commitment to fitness here, truly an amazing sight.

A lone fisherman on a January morning in Austin

Of course Austin is renowned for its sunny weather(300 days of natural vitamin D each year) and I imagine the summer heat is a bit brutal for outdoor enthusiasts. But this reminded me of the challenges many of us face living in colder climates: how do we all stay motivated to be active when the weather outside is dreary, cold and wet?
I was hoping to link to an article that I was recently interviewed for in a local publication, Explore the Pearl(Jan/Feb issue) but unfortunately they are not set up with that feature yet. If you do live in the area, pick up a copy and read “Chasing Away the Winter Blahs” for some suggestions from myself and other health related professionals in the Pearl district of Portland.
For those of you in other regions, here are a few “pearls from The Pearl” to help keep you motivated when the weather is just not calling you outside!
1. Get outside every day, even if it’s just for 20 minutes/day. The fresh air is invigorating.
2. There are no days too bad to be outside, just bad clothing! Whenever I think it is too cold/rainy/wet here, I think of those who live in places like Sweden and I remind myself it really isn’t that bad. Find some functional and even stylish clothes that will keep you warm and dry and it will make getting outside more of a pleasure than a chore.
3. Okay, so maybe it is just too miserable to work out in the elements. Try a new indoor activity: Zumba, yoga, Pilates, stair stepper, treadmill. It is so important to have variety in your routine to get the benefits of cross training as well as avoiding boredom.
4. Find a pool: swim some laps, take a water exercise class.
5. Try a winter sport: cross country or downhill skiing, snowshoeing(major calorie burner!), sledding.
6. Find an exercise buddy or two, someone who will hold you accountable when you just aren’t feeling it…..
7. Walk your dog, walk your friend’s dog. Make the canine world a happier place(my dog LOVES the wind, the rain, the snow: she gets me out on even the stormiest of days and I am always so happy afterwards).

Another example of staying fit while outside

The sky is the limit when it comes to exercise, even when the skies are not as perfect as those January days I just experienced in Austin. Find a way to stay active. The benefits of exercise(increased strength, more energy, better mood, improved sleep and flexibility, enhanced immune system) far outweigh the excuses not to exercise.
Staying active is an essential component of living a balanced life. See you on the trail!


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8 responses to “Report from Austin, TX: notes on the road


    Thanks for reminding us NW readers not to allow NY resolutions to fade another year around. When the sun peaked out today I was en route home from the city (noisy, dirty construction air) but I let the window roll down as I sat at the stoplights and enjoyed a treat of ‘fresh’ air and free D! Somehow you’ve got to get whatever bit you can!

    • So glad to hear you enjoyed some natural D today. We Pacific northwesterners need to soak it up on winter days whenever we can!It was pretty spectacular with Mt Hood in the distance wasn’t it? And the days are getting longer, I can just feel it….ah the eternal optimist..

  2. Deb Hollister

    Great post, Kyle! I can feel your enthusiasm through your words! And yes, I got out and walked today in this gorgeous NW weather. 🙂

    • I am so proud of you my dear, walking so much. We will have a blast on our Hood to Coast team. I am inspired by all of you. What a great way to make wonderful new memories with 11 other women who love to be outside and active. You rock!!

  3. Wonderful blog and some great advice!!!

  4. candacebwell

    FUN post to read Kyle and such an important reminder that we simply must stay active in some way, shape, or form…whatever the weather …if it drives you indoors then so be it, but I challenge readers to pull on those waterproof, warm winter duds and get out in it! You will be building strength and stamina in your bones and muscles, moisturizing your skin, oxygenating your brain (and every single cell in your body), and will feel calmer within….not to mention intrepid! I walk every day, no matter the wind, rain, ice or snow and am so rewarded on my way…big trees swaying, rain drops hanging on holly berries, frost on the fields….. and the appearance of the sun when it pierces the grey reminds us always to know that dark gives way to light…It is just impossible to feel depressed, anxious, gloomy or out of balance when living in your body vs. just in your head….

  5. Andrea Mehigan

    Great column Kyle! Glad you had fun in Austin. Yes it is very hard to stay motivated during our short winter days, but the good news is we are moving towards the spring, longer days, and milder temps. Once we get through January I feel like we are heading towards the light (even though our springs can be awful wet). This winter has been unusually sunny, I took advantage of the great weather and walked/jogged on the waterfront downtown during lunch!

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