2012 Re-velations and Re-solutions of the Re-Woman!

If January is the time for taking stock, new beginnings, and all that, then it’s well ‘nigh time for me to follow suit…. as much as I hate to admit it, I have not exactly been the poster child for a woman in balance these past couple months….ever since Christmas (or was it more like Halloween…)  I’ve been on a roll, celebrating life as it were, which all too often boils down to eating and drinking too much, staying up too late, and generally overdoing it. Sound familiar? Well I hope it does… I mean I can’t possibly be the only menopausal woman out here hanging on to Christmas and all the dear, sweet, hallelujah I’m still here celebrations  that mark the stages of our lives.

Masquerade Ball New Years Eve 2011, the Benson Hotel, Portland, Oregon ... behind the mask ...a Re-woman in waiting!

Still… I knew the party was over the other day when I woke up with a nasty head cold and a bad case of middle age. Instead of being “out there” living it up and having a ball (although the Masquerade ball I attended on New Years Eve has to become a tradition),  I need to be “in here” where head, heart, and balanced hormones reside.

Yes! AND at the same time I need to be more like Elizabeth Gilbert  in Eat, Pray, Love, when she went to the ashram to cultivate stillness, learn to listen, and stop talking so darn much… In this first 30 days of the new year I need to become the quietest woman in the room for a change; the most cleansed, serene, and balanced woman I know.  I need to re-view, re-do, re-new. I need to Re-woman!

And just so’s you know I mean every word, here is my RE-Balance aspiration (see Kyle’s last blog on aspirations vs. resolutions) list for 2012 – I’ll let you know how I’m doing….:-)

Get into that bed one hour earlier every single night. (The extra sleep will help to balance my stress hormones which in turn will help to reduce cravings, belly fat, and the tension I sometimes hang on to for dear life!)

Rise one hour earlier to a cup of green tea vs. coffee (This will help to reduce the havoc wreaked upon my adrenals by caffeine and allow the magic green antioxidants to boost my immunities and in turn my longevity!)

Spend at least 15 to 20 mns. morning and/or evening in stillness: no talking, no electronic stimuli, no nothing – just breathing. (This practice will help me to calm down, FOCUS, and eventually become the most serene woman I have ever met.)

Walking faster, than slower at intervals builds strength and balance

Rev up my 40 minute walk to 1 hour a day, and walk faster. No lollygagging and no excuses, even if I have to walk in the rain and the dark.  (This will help to humidfy my skin and oxygenate my brain and body so that I will live forever, or at least look and feel like I can!)

Learn how to make Brussells sprouts taste good! Got any recipes ladies?? (Adding way more cruciferous vegetables (kale, chard, spinach, cauliflower, cabbage) to my daily diet will help to metabolize excess and/or toxic, ie. ‘xeno’ estrogens from my body, thus clearing my onward path to natural hormone balance.)

Tune out all talking heads before bedtime. (This will stop the overstimulation of the 24/7 news cycle and rid my tired brain of useless chatter AND prevent me from becoming one of those people who develops ADHD in her 60s, heaven forbid!)

Reject all foods that are genetically modified or filled with pesticides, synthetic hormones, xenoestrogens, antibiotics, or empty calories. (This will significantly reduce my risk of getting indigestion, a fat belly, a leaky gut, gluten-intolerance, insomnia and hormone imbalance, not to mention diseases of aging like breast cancer!)

Cancel one appointment a week and banish anything, anyone, and everything else in my life that is an unneccesary stressor. (This will enable me to become more authentic and the most stress-free person I could ever hope to meet!)

I could go on, and no doubt I will be adding more to my list like RE-testing my hormones this year, and Re-doubling my efforts to spread the word about the virtues of natural progesterone and bioidentical hormones, but enough already…lofty goals yes, out of my mind? No, on the contrary, back in it. This is the Re-Woman talking!

If YOU have a Re-balance plan you’d like to share, or for that matter, a great Re-cipe for Brussells sprouts, PLEASE do!!

Essential ingredient: Finding, being and staying in balance is a work in progress.


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21 responses to “2012 Re-velations and Re-solutions of the Re-Woman!

  1. Tina Mattern

    I love you, Candace!!! You are SO real and sweet and funny and balanced (seriously, you are so much more tuned in than any other women I know)! Your ideas here are great ones. I have a few comments though:
    That going to bed an hour earlier each night? If you do that consistently, at some point you’ll be getting up and then immediately returning to bed. Just sayin…
    As to the talking heads–I simply don’t watch or listen to the news more than once or twice a week. What’s the point? It’s mostly bad news, I can’t do anything about it, it causes stress, which can effect my immune system adversely, so I find that simply opening Yahoo generally gives me the most important highlights of what’s happening in the world. Beyond that, I thank God that I’m still here, still healthy and that my brain is still working pretty well. Also, I find if I’m spending time thinking about what I can do to help others, (mostly my old people at the assisted living center and neighbors) my life and health stay balanced.
    The walking stuff is right on! I’m hoping to get Freddie to do this too!
    The pesticide stuff is right on also. But we knew that! 🙂
    Brussels Sprouts? Saute onions in butter and apple cider til caramelized, then add the sprouts that have been cut into at least 8ths, add a bit of white wine and/or a bit of Parmesan and salt to taste. YUM!
    About cancelling appointments….not me!!!! Kay?
    Happy New Year, my good friend! Let’s get together soon. Can’t wait to see your New Year’s Ball pictures!

  2. candacebwell

    Tina you GET it and you DO it ! Please keep on commenting and sharing your own life-saving story of achieving balance…we are all ears you amazing beautiful Preventionista and Survivor YOU! Oh and the brussells sprouts recipe sounds lip smackin’ already…I’ll try it SOON and let you know how it goes down.

  3. OK, Candace, you have published your rez-o-lutions (many of which I hope you will drag me along with), and they are all totally doable, but as to changing adverse habits (those we often put on our rez list), as Mark Twain said, “you can’t throw them out the window…you have to walk them down the stairs”….Going down…..

    • candacebwell

      Of course I will drag you along with me…after all you are the original lobbyist for an earlier bedtime …I just need to cooperate….so now I’ve said I will, and I will. xo

  4. Holly Tsur

    C is for Correction (when not Cool, Calm, and Collected). That’s Balance in a nutshell, don’t ya think?

    C is for also Candace — pretty much the Coolest Lady I have been privileged to know. Loved your Revelations, Resolutions, and Reflections, Ms. Burch! Yours is truly a list to aspire to. Not sure I would score highly in all areas no matter how strong my resolve, (particularly when it comes to going to bed earlier each night). But do you think I might receive extra credit for resolving to add these items to my list?:

    * Schedule a one-hour massage at least once a month with one who has magic hands,
    * Endeavor to not take life too seriously and spend more time with those who make me laugh,
    * Continue to downscale my life — unloading “stuff” is not only cleansing in the present, it’ll save my two grown children the insane burden of having to unload it all once I’m gone,
    * Grow more flowers and vegetables,
    * Keep working on (and playing with) the that most-important goal of Believing in Myself,
    * If I cannot forgive those who have trespassed against me, at least try to forget about them — they’re simply not worth the effort of all that negative energy,
    * And last but certainly not least: Commit…TRULY COMMIT…to doing at least one BIG THING in 2012 that I’ve always wanted to do but never treated myself to because, “There just isn’t enough time.”

    As for Brussels sprouts, never forget what happened on that flower-power-packed day in the 60’s when Tom Robbins first met Timothy Leary. It was the day they found themselves standing face-to-face in an open-air produce stand in San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury District. Leary looked over and noticed Robbins picking out Brussels sprouts and asked, “Which are the good ones?” To which Robbins replied, “The ones that are smiling.”

    • candacebwell

      Touche Holly, your honest and heartfelt resolutions shine a light on all our lives: who among us doesn’t need to knead away the accumulated stress that can take up residence in our bodies and never let go…. and in so doing free ourselves up to take on all the rest: downscaling (I love the thought that outer order brings inner calm), believing in ourselves, and committing, TRULY committing as you say, to something, one thing, we have always wanted to do but never make time for….what would that be for you, for me, for all of us (I always regretted not joining the Peace Corps back in the 60s…now that I am in my 60s, is it too late? Probably not and probably not this year, but there is at least one BIG for 2012 I could truly commit to..). And spending time with those who make you laugh? You and I are GOOD at that, and I’m ready!! Speaking of lightening up, I came across this line recently: “Don’t take yourself so seriously, no one else does!” Right on! Oh and one last thing, when you start growing more vegetables will you help me pick out the brussells sprouts that are smiling?

  5. lisasaffron

    Brussel sprouts – steam them with cumin seeds. They’re delicious.

    • candacebwell

      Lisa, who knew you were a cumin seed and Brussel sprouts aficianado ?? Is this a classic English recipe, or your own….if you have been eating this way for years, your estrogen levels will thank you…and so will mine once I try them ….thanks for sharing the recipe, my esteemed fellow health investigator….I can smell their steamy fragrance already…

  6. Margaret

    Great blog, Candace, and well done for setting all those admirable goals! Brussels sprouts – delicious when not overcooked, and tossed in butter and sprinkled with coarse sea salt. A far cry from the pressure-cooked, grey blobs we used to have with Christmas dinner when I was a child – sorry, grandma (RIP)!

    • candacebwell

      Y’know I have to say that it was all those years living in England that really put me off the humble Brussel sprout… as I recall they were dependably greyish and fairly exhausted looking blobs often served up by granny types…(do rest in peace Margaret’s granny and forgive me)… do you saute or steam? Obviously NOT cooking the life out of them is crucial.
      Well, I’ve got plenty of coarse sea salt and hormone-free butter… will let you know if they go down a treat!
      Thanks Margaret for sharing the new look and feel of the much maligned brussels…

      • Margaret

        I find that boiling for just a few minutes in a small amount of water with a lid on the pan is quicker and easier than getting the steamer out! If you cut a cross in the base of each sprout with a sharp knife prior to cooking, the core cooks more quickly so you don’t need to boil or steam as long!

  7. Love this Candace! 3 things I strive for to help me NOT break my resolve:
    1. Have a strong conviction of WHY I want to do it. What is my motivation to do these things? What Vision do I have for my life?
    2. DECIDE that I will no longer put it off and CHOOSE to work towards it no matter what.
    3. SURROUND myself, with people, places, things- especially people- who encourage and uplift me in my efforts.

    You are one of those people my friend. Keep writing and inspiring balance!

  8. Candace: I have an absolutely wonderful recipe for Brussel sprouts that I learned from one of my favorite cookbook authors, Ina Garten. And the best part is its simplicity! and every time I serve these delectable little treasures( I love Brussel sprouts made in a multitude of ways….), even confirmed haters of them become converts!!
    Preheat the oven to 400-425 degrees. Toss Brussel sprouts(approx 1 #) in olive oil and stir in 1/2-1 tsp of kosher salt(to taste). Place in baking or roasting pan and set in the oven. Total cooking time is 20-25 minutes, depending on crispy you like them to be. Stir them once or twice while cooking so they heat evenly. You will find that any of the bitterness is gone and replaced by a crispy, delectable little morsel. Let me know what you think. Bon appetit!!
    I loved your post as well…so much to say so I will write my own post in a few days..I have a little challenge for all of you(Hint: it has to do with the prefix RE ..something Candace, Anne and I have been riffing on for awhile. It’s pretty fun.)

  9. candacebwell

    Kyle…I have Brussels sprouts fever now…so many wonderful recipes to try out…whoopeee….ladies, whoever is reading this comment please note: this woman may be a nurse practitioner wunderkind of bioidentical hormone treatment but she is also a CHEF and I’ll bet a master of the balanced Brussel….can’t wait to try your recipe Kyle, I have no doubt it will be palate REwarding!!

  10. Trish

    Candace….Thanks for all the fantastic RE-balancing ideas! This was a great read and I look forward to future posts. I love brussel sprouts so will definitely be trying some of these recipes!

  11. Ryan Elizabeth Burch

    MAMA! I think all of your resolutions could also apply to me, I am becoming your mini me .Teach me how to also be the quietest woman in the room!!!!! (Now, THAT is a big a resolution)

  12. Jessica Burch

    I also love your resolutions because they aren’t just easy but well thought out and genuine! I think that a resolution to add is vowing to find new additions to the bad foods we crave. This has been my mission lately! One that I absolutely love is taking an apple and cutting it into apple rings then putting nut butter in between each slice to make a healthier PB and J. You can add thin slices of strawberries in each slice to replace the jelly…it amounts to only 200 calories for about 5 apple sandwiches!
    Also, pizza made with cauliflower crust and tons of vegetables is a new find! (http://www.eat-drink-smile.com/2011/04/cauliflower-crust-pizza.html)
    Here is a link for apple and bacon Brussels sprouts but you can sub the bacon for turkey bacon or a healthier alternative:
    Lastly here is a great pumpkin cream bread recipe in which each slice is a mere 46 calories!!!
    Hope this excites you like it did me! Unfortunately I can’t get most of the ingredients I need for these yummy dishes in Korea…SOOOO let’s try them when I get home 🙂 Can’t wait! Love you!

    • Leslie Boggs

      Jessica… We have a bag of BS (brussel sprouts) that we picked up at Trader Joe’s last night. I think I will try the apple bacon recipe with them.

  13. Leslie Boggs

    Candace… Great to hear from you (and Dave, Jessica, and Ryan) and thanks for sharing your blog… I will pass it on to a few folks that I know will appreciate it. As for brussel sprouts they have actually become one of our all time favorites.. Tosca Reno in her Eat Clean cookbook has a recipe similar to the one in Kyle’s post — the only addition is walnuts… Sometimes we just sprinkle with olive oil..sea salt and put on our grill… Even Thomas thinks they are pretty great. I love all the Re-Women ideas — ADHD has also hit me in my almost 60’s… I am attempting to NOT do as much multi-tasking and being mindful of the present.. it has helped along with increasing Pilate workouts to 4 to 5 times per week — it is the best stress reducer I have ever done… along with great benefits to the body. Would love to see you in 2012 in CDA or Portland (we make regular trips to visit Thomas)…Leslie

    • candacebwell

      Love hearing that you are finding creative ways to do up Brussells sprouts (did you ever try the apples and bacon version…let us know what you thought…I am going to go for the curry and horseradish for my BS’s this week…it sounds very out of the box…I will report back….Your mention of Pilates as the best stress reducer you have every done was an important reminder that finding effective ways like stretching to release tension held in the body brings release, relief and a measurable lowering of stress hormone (cortisol) levels…do you take a class? What do you think is the best way to get into Pilates and stay consistent with it? Tell us more! Great to hear from you Leslie,

  14. Candace,
    You are way too clever with words for me – as are your fan following above! I am re-doing my life by cleaning out a set of drawers, or a cabinet, – or old makeup/lotions I just found that got sidetracked in a pouch from China trip in 2007! Brussel sprouts – try a shaking of curry powder and touch of red pepper or toss w/horseradish!

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